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It’s a bit daunting, writing the first post in your first blog. The screen is clear and glaringly white, and I’ve been avoiding this post for about a week… even today, when I decided to finally start, I found myself checking my email several times and reading random blogs and newspapers online while I mustered the strength to start writing! It’s scary, I think, when you decide to put yourself out there. I’m a pretty private person, but I believe in challenging myself, so here goes!

I started this blog for several reasons, but mainly because I wanted to focus more on the positive things in my life, and truly appreciate what I have. After completing a graduate degree last year, I was unable to find a job (like so many others these days) and started to feel a bit despondent and overall pretty sorry for myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be 27 and living with my parents again! However, in the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that when I meet new people, I introduce myself as if I’m worthless and not someone they should bother getting to know. I don’t want to be that person! So I decided to turn my many negative thoughts into positive action. In my own estimation, my life right now is not ideal. However, it is not bad overall, and this blog is my way of giving myself a swift kick in the pants. 🙂 I know I’m not alone in being unemployed and feeling (a bit) like a loser, so I am hoping to reach out to others. There are many things I need to be grateful for (believe me, I’ve made lists!) and I’d like to share them in the hope that you’ll begin to realize how many positive things there are in your own lives. It’s a funny feeling, talking to “you” as if I’m sure of your existence, but I guess that’s the impersonal and anonymous nature of blogging.


So, for better or for worse, here goes!



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3 responses to “first (1)

  1. Rheanne

    Well done for doing this, Juls! I’m loving it already adn can’t wait to read more. I was also so sad to read how down you feel about your life, especially because I think of you as inspiration! You are fearless in pursuing your dreams and travels, always so kind, a great friend, wonderful listener and always give great advice. Keep smiling x

  2. Emily

    I think this is a fantastic adventure! I’m so excited to read more stuff that YOU write on the interweb. love.

  3. thank you, friends! I’m truly touched by your support! xoxox

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