I. Am. Job.

Alert! I have been hired! Thank goodness.

As of the beginning of November, I am a Sales Associate at Anthropologie in Pasadena… I swore that I would never work retail again, but I’m actually quite excited about this! I like the place, it’s close enough to walk to, and the people seem really nice. So yay!

On another note, my new employer sent an email out this morning (to the entire subscribed list, not just to me) that heralded the start of what I like to call “sweater weather”, along with this image:

I’m not really sure why her head got cut off…

While this may seem like a timely and appropriate email to receive on October 12, I would like to point out that the temperature today is a crisp, chilly… 98 DEGREES!


Ugh. I hope Fall comes to visit soon.


p.s. If anyone actually got the reference made by the title of this post, you deserve a big early-90s- themed gift basket! Or at least a British Nanny who is actually your Father in drag… (whose name is not Mrs. Featherbottom…)




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4 responses to “I. Am. Job.

  1. Marike

    Woo hoo! Yay for a job! Just be careful not to spend your entire paycheck on one sweater. I know the employee discount will be tempting. 🙂 Is it transferable to your supportive friends who love Anthropologie as much as you do?

  2. Rheanne

    Congrats Juls! I know you weren’t keen on a return to retail, but Anthro is pretty cool – esp with the discount (have they told you what it is yet?). I hope you like it there! I’m already looking forward to Christmas so I can visit the one in Toronto again. Re the weather – it is seriously bizarre. It is actually warmer now then when you were here in the summer! x

  3. Girl, you KNOW I got that reference. Congratulations on the job. You have further solidified your space in my life as personal style consultant.

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