whiskers on kittens… and other favorite things!


Ok first things first, I decided to have a movie on in the background while I “worked” today, and The Lost World: Jurassic Park was the best option on offer. At this moment, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex drinking out of a swimming pool as he prepares to terrorize a residential neighborhood… so basically, it’s decidedly an entertaining movie.  But seriously, this is a pretty interesting cast: Julianne Moore? Richard Schiff? Vince Vaughn? (and, duh, Jeff Goldblum, who was actually on my flight from L.A. to Toronto once. true story– I’m basically a celebrity) Ok right now Julianne Moore is carrying a baby Tyrannosaurus…

ANYWAY, ok that was a bit of a ramble through ridiculousness, but then again I didn’t make the movie…


I wanted to share some delightful developments in my life!

As some of you know, I applied to take part in a Rotary-sponsored trip to Chile next Spring, and yesterday I found out that I GOT IT! I will be going from March 17- April 22, and traveling mainly in Northern Chile with 3 other young professionals and a group leader. I haven’t traveled in a group since the days of LACC, and I’m excited! I’m pretty much excited about everything in this situation, actually! It’s basically a cultural exchange trip, so we’ll be visiting sites that relate to our vocations, as well as meeting and staying with Chilean Rotarians and generally exploring the country. My hope is to extend my trip at the end and visit Patagonia (not the store, though I could use a nice new coat…), so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Copahue Provincial Park, in Patagonia


(btw, Julianne and Jeff are now trying to reunite mama and baby at a gas station…)

So that was my big news, but I also wanted to share a couple of little things that have made me smile the past couple of days. Strangely, they both have to do with cats…



this is Amy. She’s a 3-legged kitty who likes to come visit sometimes.

the first time she came by, I was terrified of sending her back out there, as I thought she would be vulnerable with only 3 legs. Then I realized that Amy is a total hardass, and can totally take care of herself. awesome.


Also, I saw this sign when I was out walking yesterday

How great is that??

Isn’t it supersad when you see a sign for a lost animal, pleading for its safe return? It’s so nice to see that sometimes there IS a reunion! I’m glad Jackson is home and happily lazing on his back.

and p.s. Is he or is he not an awesome cat? I might go steal Jackson…


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