off my trolley…

Life has been a bit crazy the past few days, what with finishing up on the Film Festival I’ve been working on. It’s tonight, so I’m looking forward to things calming down a bit tomorrow.

This weekend, I found myself missing jolly old Britain, so today I wanted to share some of my favourite* photos from my time there.

(* keeping in the spirit, I shall also be spelling everything the British way, which apparently my computer prefers anyway)

I’ve spent a lot of time all over the UK, certainly the most in Oxford but also in London, Wales, and Scotland, as well as other random parts of England. I’ve always felt comfortable there, and truly think of it as a second home in a way. That said, there are many things about the British that absolutely crack me up, and I raaaaather like to document these as I travel! Enjoy!

this is absolutely one of my favourite photos ever! Taken the day I moved into my apartment in Oxford, as I was exploring my neighbourhood. Walking along, enjoying my surroundings, when all of a sudden I spied a young man carrying an ARMFUL OF SWORDS! Because of course he was…

The English do love their knick-knacks…

Well of course Mr. Potter has to be in this post! These Latin translations seemed appropriate somehow

Knife bin = a bin for knives… Um, what?

Morris Dancers. the dog’s bollocks.

If I had a knight’s outfit, I’d wear it to scoot around Blenheim also

Even the rain SHALL NOT hamper tea time!


Well, why WOULDN’T you have a pinny for your dishsoap? We all do have to stay clean, right?!

The British are absolute MASTERS at naming desserts. Eton Mess! Syllabub! Flummery! Knickerbocker Glory! Bedfordshire Clanger! Whim Whams! Jammy Dodgers!

Absolute geniuses!

love it.

And what goes better with pudding than tea?!


A lovely friend once gave me a packet of flash cards containing British phrases and words and their American equivalents. I treasure this gift, and will leave you with one of my favourites, because I am…

which means:

and that’s that.


(oh, and by the way, while it seems a though it may have slipped my mind, I assure you it has not! So I say to you, SPOTTED DICK, good sir!)




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