power down

Hello friends,

I have been MAJORLY delinquent the past month or so, and for that I apologize. My life got a bit crazy in November, and I’m just now getting it under control. And wouldn’t you know it, I signed on to post a couple of days ago and right at that moment, my house lost its power! As those of you in the Pasadena area know, we had a super crazy windstorm a couple of nights ago, and the entire area looks like it’s been hit by a massive hurricane. I still have no power at home, so I’m typing this from a coffee shop that I’ve visited at least once a day for the past couple of days to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

I’m sure that many people can see the benefits of losing power: a forced disconnection from our overly-connected lives, a bit of peace and quiet in the midst of holiday craziness… I’d like to see the bright side of this, but I admit this power outage has affected me rather negatively. My house is absurdly cold. After the sun goes down at 5 pm it is completely dark, and there are very few options at that point… Can’t watch a movie, can’t go online, can’t read by candlelight (I tried, and I have the headache to prove it). Can play games by candlelight, but that gets old fast when no one will play with you. All in all, it’s terribly easy to feel sorry for myself in this situation. However, in the spirit of this blog, I feel compelled to see the bright side of things.

1) A tree didn’t collapse on my house (a house down the street was not so lucky) or my car

2) when my bedroom window imploded in the middle of the light, none of the glass flew into the room/ my face

3) I have an excuse to treat myself to coffee and tea while I answer emails at internet cafes

4) I have an excuse to not answer emails

5) In the midst of disasters, people are suddenly friendly. Yesterday morning, as I was dragging branches and scooping up glass from the front yard, my neighbors actually came up and spoke to me! I swear, it was the first time I’d even met some of them, and it made me want to have a block party or something.

6) probably the most important point: no one I know was hurt or had their property badly damages.

I went to see The Muppets with my mom last night, and was blown away by how much I loved it! I was absolutely sobbing by the end (though admittedly “Rainbow Connection” always makes me sob). I thought it was well-written, witty, charming, with great songs (by one of my favorite Conchords Bret McKenzie) and appropriate cameos (especially enjoyed Emily Blunt as Miss Piggy’s assistant at Paris Vogue)! It also greatly increased my existing love for Jason Segel… Anyway, GO SEE IT! You won’t regret it 🙂


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