Hey friends!

The past couple of months have been super busy, but quite enjoyable! I have managed to make it to the movies a few times, and today I finally saw The Artist. Personally, I thought it was just remarkable, and the use of sound definitely deserves plenty of recognition. But what I wanted to talk briefly about is Hollywood’s obvious current interest in its own beginnings and the power of the inspiration that can be found in the world of film. In addition to The Artist, I can see this trend in several other recent movies, namely Hugo and The Muppets. All three of these aim to show cinematic productions as akin to magic. I’ve found all three to be incredibly inspiring, from an artistic standpoint, and they’ve also given me a newfound appreciation for my hometown and its contributions to the world. They make me want to enter that world, but not the one of 2012; I find myself wishing I could have been a part of the early days of film…

In terms of a more realistic goal, I’m seriously considering taking tap dancing classes… How’s this for inspiration?:


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