red lights

A few months ago, I visited the Getty Center by myself. When it came time to leave, the freeway was inexplicably backed up, so I decided to take surface streets back to Pasadena. Well, if any of you have ever tried this, you know that it takes a LONG time! Also, once you’ve made the decision, you pretty much have to stick with it, as there aren’t very many places to get onto the freeway once you’re in the midst of the West side. Well, I had made my decision, and despite the fact that the traffic was worse on surface streets than it had been on the freeway, I stuck with it. BUT I realized I had my camera with me, so resolved to entertain myself by playing a game. At every red light, I took a picture of something I could see out of the window. It was a beautiful, clear day (the kind we only really have in the winter when the smog is lying dormant) and I actually ended up really enjoying myself! So, I wanted to share some of the photos.

** this one was much better when the flag was waving, but I couldn’t tarry when the light turned green!

This is one of my favorites

and I LOVE this one

I never regret carrying my camera with me wherever I go. You just never know when you’re going to come across something you want to remember or share.

For bonus points, does anyone know what street I was driving on?

p.s. I absolutely love how invested LA people get when it comes to conversations about how to get somewhere. It inevitably leads to an argument, as someone swears by taking Wilshire, while another prefers 3rd street… And someone always takes to 134 to the 5 and someone else can’t imagine taking anything but the 110. Just one of the lovely quirks of Angelenos 🙂


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